A place for the Karate obsessed to learn, grow and connect.

Karate.Life was born in 2018 by MItchell Barber and Rohit Bangalolelu out of a need to dive deeper into the history, technique and spirit of the art that made them who they are.


Talking Karate, life and everything in between.

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#02 - Role Models & Mentors

In this episode, Mitch and Ro talk about their personal experiences with role models and mentors, the difference between the two and how to find the perfect fit when looking for your own. Enjoy!
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#01 - Karate Beyond Punching and Kicking

In episode number one Mitch and Ro chat about how they use karate in their daily lives and how it has shaped them as men. They also talk about bullying, living in the corporate world and dealing with aggressive situations.
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#00 - Starting the Journey

In episode 0, Mitch and Ro introduce themselves and have a chat about what Karate.Life is about!
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