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Black Belt Martial Arts - Wyoming

Head instructor - 
Kyoshi Liz Mahler and Sensei Trevor Kan
Style - 

Black Belt Martial Arts Wyoming, like all BBMA schools, teaches classes for children from 3 years all the way through to adults in classes specifically suited to the students age and level of ability, from beginner to beyond black belt. Our Adult and Young Dragon Karate Programme is for ages 8 years to adult with classes divided by age. These programmes are predominantly taught by Kyoshi Liz Mahler and Sensei Trevor Kan. Sensei Trevor is a current Australian Karate Team member with 13 years experience in martial arts having started his tuition under Kyoshi Liz when he was 11 years old. They are supported by a team of other Black Belt Teachers including Sensei Sam Gosling also a current Australian Karate Team member who started his training 18 years ago when he was 3 years old in our Lil Dragon Programme, Sensei Matt King and Sensei Jasmine Lippl who both have trained under Kyoshi Liz since they were 8 years old. Our Lil Dragons programme is for children 3 - 8 years and has been designed by Kyoshi Liz Mahler in consultation with experts in martial arts and early childhood from around the world. The Wyoming Lil Dragons Teaching Team is lead by Head Teacher Sensei Liz Williams who has a degree in Early Childhood studies and has been studying martial arts with BBMA since she was 9 years old herself. Also on the Lil Dragon Teaching Team is Sensei Angela (commenced training with Kyoshi aged 4 years) Sempai Renee (commenced training with Kyoshi aged 8 years) Tesshi Declan (commenced training with Kyoshi aged 6 years), Sensei Sam and Sensei Tamara. Our Cardio Kickboxing Programme is for 16 years and over and is popular with a lot of our karate kids parents. Its a great way to get fit and learn effective self defence. Like all out BBMA teachers our Kickboxing Teaching Team is all home grown and the Wyoming team is lead by Sensei Kate, Sensei Rod, Sensei Tamara, with help from Sensei Sam, Sensei Allison and Sempai Scott - all Black Belt Kick boxers. The Traditional Kobudo (okinawan weaponry) Teaching Team is lead by Sensei Tony Young. Sensei Tony has his black belt in karate with BBMA as well as kobudo, and has been a part of Kyoshi’s team for many years. Elite CompetitionTeam. This select group of athletes train under Kyoshi Liz and Shihan Lliam. Shihan Lliam is a former Australian Team member who brings passion, creativity and unique insight into the fighting art and has produced numerous state, national and international champions from the ranks of BBMA students. The first voice you’ll hear when you call BBMA Wyoming and the first face you’ll see when visit us will be Programme Director Martin Pemberton. Martin will make you feel at home from the moment you step in the door. He will guide you from the day you first enquire about studying martial arts with us to your first class on the mat and all the way to Black Belt. He looks after your tuition plan, your uniform and equipment, your class schedule and making sure you are communicated with about everything to do with your journey to Black Belt with BBMA.


1st floor/8 Brooks Ave, Wyoming NSW 2250

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