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Black Belt Martial Arts - Erina

Head instructor - 
Sensei Glenn
Style - 

Black Belt Martial Arts Erina values the positive impacts martial arts training has on the individual student and the community as a whole. Sensei Glenn says: “as my business has grown it has been a pleasure to watch my students grow with me. Their skills as martial artists are improving with each lesson but more importantly I see the impact of martial arts on their day to day lives. I love hearing stories from parents or students about personal achievements or goals reached which they have put down to better focus and self-discipline arising out of their martial arts training”. Black Belt Martial Arts Erina runs little dragons classes (4 – 7 years of age), Karate and Kick Boxing. We train students aged from 3 to 80 years. We teach all levels of Karate from white belt through to black belt and beyond. At Black Belt Martial Arts Erina not only do you get to learn essential life skills of self-defence we also teach more traditional skills of Shotokan Karate such as Kihon, Kumite (sparring) and Kata. As our students progress in their journey through martial arts they have the option of joining our leadership training program which focus on developing leadership qualities, further developing self-confidence and they also get to learn the art of Kobudo (weapons) and competition training (optional).


2/20 Barralong Rd, Erina NSW 2250

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